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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the evergreen branch of engineering with unlimited opportunities in the public and private sectors.

The infra structural growth coupled with the requirement of housing and commercial establishment had made this branch a very attractive career choice of today. The Department of Civil Engineering consists of the following laboratories with adequate equipments :

Surverying Lab :
The basic requirement of a civil engineer is survey of the proposed site. The main objective of this lab is gain basic knowledge on various surveying and leveling instruments and their working procedures. The lab is well equipped with all required standard instruments like Transit Theodolite, Dumpy Level and Automatic Level, Leveling Staff, Plane Table and many more.

Concrete Lab :
This lab is of utmost importance for a civil engineering student as it deals with testing of various construction materials such as cement, aggregates concrete (fresh and hardened), tiles and bricks. Concrete lab is well equipped with all required equipments for the lab.Aseparate casting and curing yard having a storage tank, curing tanks, casting platform etc is being constructed rear side of the lab.

Soil and Foundation Lab :
The Soil and Foundation Lab has been established with latest equipments. In this lab the students carry out experiments related with the strength and compressibility of the soil. The lab consists of equipments for different tests like Specific Gravity, Moisture Contests, Field Density, Atterberg Limit, Permeability, Consolidation Test, Direct Shear Test etc. Highway and Transportation Lab : This lab is equipped with Penetration Tester, Ductility Tester, Los Angels Abrasion Testing Machine, Flash and Five Point Apparatus, Impact Tester, Viscocity Tester etc. Facility for checking of undulation on the road is available in the lab. Routine Standard Tests on cement and concrete are performed in the lab.

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