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About Department

The Mechanical Engineering Department comprises of one of the most talented faculty among the polytechnic institutes. The departmental labs are equipped with wide range of hi-tech machines, tools and equipment to broaden the practical knowledge of students. It also incorporates labs to enhance practical knowledge and development of students to cater the needs of growing competitive market .

The department has laid strong emphasis on helping students acquire practical knowledge. The institution has played a key role in motivating and assisting the students to freely explore the departmental resources and carry out academic activities.

This department offers three years diploma in Mechanical Engineering. The Mechanical Engineering department is well equipped with various laboratories for training of students. The facilities offered are in the fields of –

1. Ref. & Air Conditioning
2. Computer Aided Manufacturing
3. I.C. Engine
4. Thermal Engineering
5. Fluid Mechanics
6. Theory of Machine
7. Workshop Block

Mechanical Engg. Department has fully equipped thermal Engg., Refrigeration & air conditioning, Material & Metallurgy, Metrology, Material testing Labs. The department has a good Workshop section including machinery, tools like Lathe, Milling machines, Welding shop, Carpentry shop, CNC Lab having vertical milling, CNC Lathe, EDM and Co-ordinate measuring machine.

Special attention is being diverted to computer oriented manufacturing and the department has got enough facilities & important software to train students on CAD & CAM. The department extends facilities for imparting training to Community Development Scheme (CDC) students in Workshop.


Mechanical Engg. Lab

Semester Lab
1st General Workshop-I Carpentry Shop-I
Fitting Shop-I
Welding Shop-I
Smithy Shop-I
Sheet Metal Shop-I
2nd General Workshop-II Carpentry Shop-II
Fitting Shop-II
Welding Shop-II
Smithy Shop-II
Sheet Metal Shop-II
3rd Strength of Materials
Workshop Practical-1 Welding Shop
Drilling & Fitting Shop
Turning Shop
Foundry Shop
Pattern Making Shop
4th Materials & Metallurgy
Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines
Internal Combustion Engine
Workshop Practical-II
5th Refrigeration & Air-conditioning
Computer Numerical Control
Workshop Practical-III CNC Machine
Milling & Shaper
Surface Finishing
Computer Aided Drafting
Employability Skill-I
6th Inspection &Quality Control
Project Work
Employability Skill-II
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