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Attendance/Examination Rules

                                             ELIGIBILTY FOR THE EXAMINATION

  1. Submission of Permission-cum-Admission Form

The examination shall be open to any candidate who:-

  • Has been on the rolls of an institution affiliated to the Board for a full academic Year / session and has been registered with the Board.
  • has submitted his Permission-cum-Admission Form (online) along with prescribed examination fee to the Secretary, Haryana State Board of Technical Education, through the Principal of the Institution at which she / he is / was on rolls.
  1. Attendance
  • Has attended not less than 80% of delivered lectures in theory and practicals combined (taken together). The Principal of the institute can condon 10% lecturers on medical ground or any other recorded ground. The attendance of the candidate should not be less than 70% under any circumstances.
  • The candidate who fails to satisfy the conditions of the eligibility of attendance and sessional marks as per Rule (3) (ii & iii) shall not be allowed to sit in the examination and shall be required to repeat that semester/ year as regular candidate in the following year.
  • Lectures and practicals shall be counted from the date of start of session to a date as fixed by the Board before the commencement of the examinations. However, the last date for counting the attendance may be extended to the penultimate day of exam for recorded reasons. In case of admissions after start of session of first semester / first year (in case of annual programme) the attendance shall be counted from date of admission and not from date of start of session.
  • Every period of lectures, tutorials, practical project work and workshop shall be considered as a unit for purpose of counting the attendance. The candidates while representing various teams or engaged in extracurricular activities with the permission of the Principal, shall be treated on duty and the period of their absence shall be counted as presence in accordance with the time table for the purpose of counting attendance. In additional to above, the credit of attendance shall also be given to candidates for any duty assigned by the principal provided the period of such duty does not exceed two days in a semester / 4 days in a year.
  • A minimum of 75 teaching days and 525 contact hours must be there in a semester for regular diploma courses. The total number of teaching days, Practicals and contact hours shall not include the number of days utilized for the admissions/counselling process, process of examination itself and declaration of results. However, the percentage of attendance shall be calculated on the basis of delivered lectures.
  • The attendance for the period of the educational tour shall be counted as duty in accordance with the teaching time table of the Institution. However, the attendance for the period of educational tour conducted in the vacations shall be counted as duty for the session to follow and tour period will be counted 50% towards practical attendance and 50% toward theory attendance.
  • A candidate who fails to appear in particular examination of the Board, after satisfying all the eligibility conditions, as mentioned in Rule below thereafter shall be allowed to appear in that examination as a reappear candidate as per eligibility and shall be eligible for promotion to next class/ semester subject to his/ her satisfying other conditions of promotion.
  • In case the inplant training is covered under the Apprenticeship Act or any other training prescribed by the Board. The attendance and leave shall be governed according to Apprenticeship rules otherwise under normal rules of attendance of Board.
  • In case of candidate studying in Annual System Courses and having a training period of 16 weeks, if a candidate after successful completion of the training is detained due to failure in sessional work or shortage in required attendance, he / she shall not be required to repeat the training when he / she rejoins the Institute after completion of the period of detention.
  • The name of the candidate shall be struck off the rolls if he / she absent(s) himself/ herself for 14 consecutive working days, without permitted leave.
  • A candidate whose name has been struck off the rolls may however, be readmitted by the Principal if he / she is satisfied that the absence of the candidate was due to the circumstances beyond his / her control. Re- admission of such candidates will be made on the payment of re-admission fee as notified by the Board from time to time, in the account of HSBTE.
  • If the whole class / section abstains / goes on strike or for a mass cut (presence of less than 10 % of candidate of total strengths of the group or section will be treated as mass cut) a special fine, amount as notified by the Board from time to time, per day per candidate will be imposed and such a period will be counted towards delivered lectures including strike period, if any, and will not be treated as dead period under any circumstances. The special fine shall be deposited in the account of HSBTE.
  • The Principal / Officer deputed by the Principal shall be the sanctioning authority for grant of leave to the candidates.
  • Leave will be granted in case of unavoidable necessity only to the extent of 10 days per semester, subject to the condition that candidate completes the prescribed minimum attendance as per attendance rules.
  • The leave must be got sanctioned before availing the same.


  1. Sessional Examination
  • Has secured at-least 40% marks in sessional work (practical work and house examination / test taken together in each subject and in project work) as laid down in the examination scheme.
  • A candidate who has failed in one or more subjects (maximum three subjects in a semester) shall be admitted to the succeeding semester/ year, if otherwise eligible. However, such candidates are not allowed in the theory examination of the subjects for which he has failed in sessional.  Such candidate shall submit fresh term work by rejoining the institution in the related subject in which he has failed for subsequent examinations.
  • A candidate who has failed in more than three subjects in sessional(s) shall not be allowed to sit in the semester examination and shall be required to repeat that semester/ year as regular candidate in the following year.
  • In respect of any other specific course(s) the sessional condition as approved by the Examination Committee shall be applicable.
  • Has shown satisfactory conduct as per student conduct Rules.


Every candidate will have to submit his / her examination fee to the Secretary, Haryana State Board of Technical Education online or through the Principal of the Institution last attended on or before the last date intimated by the HSBTE to the Principal of the affiliated Institutions. However, the submission of Examination Form shall not entitle the candidate for the issuance of examination roll number.

The responsibility for the issue of roll number slips to the eligible candidates shall rest with the Principal of the Institute and in the case of any roll number issued to the ineligible candidate; action shall be initiated against the Principal/ defaulting institute even upto the disaffiliation besides the appropriate action against the candidate.

NOTE:  Before the submission of the Examination Forms the Institution shall ensure that the candidate fulfils all the eligibility conditions for appearing in examination as mentioned in Rule above. The institutes also ensure that only the eligible and legitimate candidates who are admitted as per the affiliated programmes/ courses and sanctioned intake approved by the Board shall submit the examination form, if at any stage it has found that he/ she is not legitimate then the Board has the power to cancel his/ her examination form/ result and also has the power to take appropriate action against the defaulting institute.


Every candidate shall submit his / her examination form (PCA Form) along with requisite fee as prescribed by the Board, to the Principal of the Institute concerned. The requisite fee shall be deposited in HSBTE account

  1. The Examination Forms shall be submitted to the Principals on the dates notified by the Board. The dates of submissions of forms shall be decided in such a manner so as to give sufficient period prior to the dates fixed for the receipt of forms from the candidates without late fee and 5 clear days for the receipt of forms with late fee of Rs.10 per form, further 5 clear days with late fee of Rs. 50 per form, upto 3 working days prior to commencement of examination with late fee of Rs. 1000 per form, no examination form shall be entertained after the last date under any circumstances. Examination form of any candidate who is not eligible to take the examination can however, be withdrawn by the Principal, if necessary, but he cannot forward any new Examination Form(s). The Principal will submit the hard & soft copy of the list of candidates whose PCA forms have been received alongwith the proof of deposition of fee in the account of HSBTE.


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