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Student Placement Committee

A student placement committee of the following staff members and students of this institute is hereby constituted to look after the work of placement, training and other activities in co-ordination with TPO Cell of this institute.

S. No. Deptt. Name Faculty Name Student Name and Roll No.
1. Civil Engg. Sh. Vinod Kumar, Lecturer 9991510507 Amit Kumar (150530700007) 8199075795
Ishant (150530716003) 7357697529
2. Computer Engg. Sh. Vishavnath, Lecturer 9467685806 Aakash (150530800001) 9471644317
Mohit Setia (150530800012) 8511832263
3. Electrical Engg. Smt. Alka Kalra, Lecturer 7015714507 Sonu(150530917018) 9068105029
Sonu (150530917019) 8930165805
4. Mechanical Engg. Sh. Bijender Kumar, Lecturer 9871308698 Rinku Kumar(150531700041) 8929550714
Bharat (150531700012) 9466829835
5. Textile Engg. Sh. Sunil Dutt, Lecturer 9416573405 Roshan Pandey(150532700015) 9812377909
Aakash Sharma(150532500001) 9050570996
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